Web Design is an

essential part of your

digital profile.

Your website is an integral part of your business. It’s your online presence designed to give your customers or clients with the information about your services or product. Without it, you may be losing out to your competition, something no business owner wants to here.

Working on hundreds of project has ensured we have many happy clients and provide the best Web Design. Basildon is the main area we work in as not only are we based there, but our goal is to help those around us achieve great things. My web design Essex services are second to none.

Of course, you may already know about all this, which is great. The good news is that there is always room for improvement! Even if you have had a website for years, you may have missed vital information your customers have been looking for.

Do you know the percentage of business you convert? 

The conversation of visitors on your website into customers is a figure that many business owners don’t know. Not knowing whether your website is working or not is one of the reasons you may be looking to get a new one in the first place. This is where you can improve…

Converting more people = More revenue

Poor conversion rate could be a huge factor in any marketing or advertising you have been running. This is where good web design is key. Making your website super simple to use and as powerful as possible to drive visitors to your end goal.

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Things we do best:

Website Design
Website Redesign
Graphic Design
Logo Design

Professions we have work with:

Training & Courses
Specialist Beverages
Online Shops
Fitness Trainers
And many more…

“I searched for Web Design Basildon and found Conor Lyons. I then had a website built by them and I'm now bringing in leads with ease, my inbox is clogged up with potential clients!”

Carlton Cole
Training Courses Essex

Responsive Design

Build for all devices, not just desktop. Our websites look great on everything from an iPhone to a computer screen.


Built the way you want it, with the features you need to grow your business.

Measure your growth

We provide you with the tools for complete transparency of your business.

Website Design Basildon

Perhaps you are a new business or startup?
or maybe an existing with no online presence?

Getting started with a website couldn’t be easier. Our team of experts guides you through the whole process, making it easier to build your profile online. No matter what you are looking for, we have the tools to build it.

Providing Web Design Basildon has been a speciality of ours for many years now. Helping local businesses achieve more is why we started to develop websites in the first place. Now over 5 years on we have built over 100 websites and helped many do just that!

When it comes to building your website, design is just the start. Our process ensures any functionality needed to convert your customers is built from the ground up. So whether you are looking to track where your visitors are coming from or looking to sell online, our team will ensure you get exactly that.

Once your website is built you will be ready to take it to the next level. You can begin your marketing efforts, whether that is physical adverts, PPC, SEO or social media. Your website is hub that you drive this traffic to. Designed to covert, your new website will make your adverts far more valuable, helping to generate you more money for less.

Your ROI will soon become clear when you’ve started to market your business. Seeing immediate effects as soon as you hit the button.

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Website Re-Design

Perhaps your current website is outdated?
or maybe you have no way of tracking it?

Website re-design doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch. Our team of experts will look at your existing site to find the reason why you’re not earning as much as you’d like. We then give you the reasons in black and white. This gives you great transparency of what needs to be done to make you better than your competitors.

If you already know what’s wrong and need a complete redesign, that’s what we do often. Most clients we work with have had their website for over 5 years and their website isn’t designed for now. The outdated design mixed with non-mobile friendly features can sometimes see customer drop off before they have even fully loaded the website.

Like all of the websites, we build we ensure they are designed to covert on every device. Responsive web design is a must on the web and without it, you’ll find yourself converting less and less customers through your website.

Have you ever spent money on PPC, Social Media, Physical Adverts, Facebook Ads etc?

If you have been sending potential clients to your website you may have been getting a lower ROI because of your outdated website. Your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors which reach a goal, this could be clicking a button, filling out a form or buying a product. If your conversion rate is low you could be losing hundreds of people who are ready to buy. Increasing your conversion rate is one of our strengths and should be the focus of your website.

Imagine giving a customer a blank business card, how on earth are they expected to contact you?

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Common Questions

Will getting a new website help my SEO?

SEO is split into two major parts, onsite and offsite SEO. Offsite SEO works based upon how many people are talking about your brand or website. Onsite SEO is how well your website is built, wrote and converts.

We build your website from the ground up ensuring its made to convert. With your help, we can optimize your content to help search engines understand that like us your the expert in your field.

Additionally, we can provide regular updates to either maintain or add more naturally ranked keywords.

What is your process?

Our process is simple and can be broke down into 4 steps.

Consultancy. This is where we have an initial meeting to discuss what your looking to achieve. We then go away and build a profile of your project. Once this is agreed to move onto step 2.

Design. We show you what the website is going to look like, outlining any key features you may have asked for. We then make any changes you have for your approval.

Build. We put the idea into a live design and add all the functionality needed.

Launch. Once the project has been approved we get the website launched.

What is responsive design?

We use the term responsive design a lot, it’s used to explain a way of building a website in which it will fit on every device. For instance, you will be able to view the same exact website on a desktop and a mobile. The smart thing about the way it’s built is that the website will automatically adjust the design of the site so it is optimised for the device your on. Meaning we can get our web designers to build you a site that will work for everyone, not just a few.

Below is a useful video explaining just that.

What is Conversion rate?

A conversion rate is a percentage that is worked out from the number of visitors you have to the number of goals are reached. A good example of this is with an online shop. How many purchases to how many visitors would show a conversion rate based upon transactions.

Conversion rates are varied depending on the type of website and sector. However, the use of a powerful website would have a higher conversion rate than one of an old non-responsive website.

There are multiple factors in increasing your conversion rate, this can include design, speed, content and much more. Our team work on first reviewing your existing site and working on possible improvements to increase your conversion rate.

What is ROI?

ROI stands for Return On Investment, in simple terms the amount of money you get back for the amount of money you put in. It is often used in the advertising industry to show you whether an advertising campaign has worked. However, this is not always the case. When running brand awareness campaigns, many customers do not see an immediate effect and more of a long-term growth. Brand awareness campaigns should always be used when your trying to build a brand or product. With them, you will find yourself with short-term gains and have less brand power in the long run.

What is PPC?

PPC also known as Pay Per Click, is a type of advertising only available online. You usually create adverts based upon search terms, keywords or targeted areas. Your advert is then placed in an enticing location and billed per click. This form of advertising can show immediate effects and can increase revenue almost instantaneously.

There are many drawbacks with PPC compared to other forms of advertising. The biggest being the immediate stop of traffic when the campaigns are turned off. A better option for more long-term gains would be Organic SEO.

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